Welcome to Rana

Welcome to Rana

First things first

I am happy that you decided to try the Rana theme. Rana is all about your content, clear structure and fast loading time. The theme comes with a touch enabled app-like menu (try it on your smartphone) and aims to provide good reading experience on all screen sizes by using fluid-typography.

Having troubles to get started or found a bug? Do not hesitate to open an issue. Like this theme? Leave a star on GitHub or just tell your friends.


There is very little to no configuration needed to get started with your content. However, some options can be set in the theme configuration:

If you like to have your notices styled like this one, simply disable the "use built-in-css"-option in the configuration of the markdown-notices plugin (Disable "Use built in CSS" in Plugins > Markown-Notices via the GRAV Backend). You can change the words "Tip, Note, ..." in the Rana theme configuration (Themes > Rana > Markdown Notices Settings)

Basic Settings
  • Title in Menu. To keep it very simple, you can provide a HTML-string with inline styles here. This turned out to be the easiest solution to have a nice styling for different names. If you do not worry about styling, just enter a short title.
  • Hamburger animation. You may use any other animation style. See here for reference.
Markdown Notices Settings
  • Markdown notice Settings. If you use the Markdown-notices plugin without the build-in-css (disable built-in-css in plugin options), the Rana theme will automatically use its own styles for the notices. These include a small text. You can specify here, which text appears above the respective notice.
Responsive settings
  • Desktop friendly Mode. If enabled, the off-canvas-menu is always open if screen is wider than the Desktop min width value, which can be set below.
  • Desktop min width (pixels). Applies only in desktop mode. If the screen width is wider than the given amount of pixels, the off-canvas menu is always open.
  • Parent pages routable in menu. If you have pages with subpages (parents) and you want these parents to be routable from the menu, use this option. Please note: If you do not use desktop-mode or - when in desktop mode - the screen-width is smaller then the amount set above, the menu closes each time you click a parent.


Table of Contents

Beside a default template Rana comes with an additional template to easily generate a decimal structured table of contents.

Just write Markdown like this, to generate a decimal structure.

1. First part
    1. Subpart of first part
    1. Some other section
        1. Dive into this topic
        1. And stay at this level
    1. Limits and other things
    1. Applications in Science
1. Second part
    1. ...

which renders like:

1. First part
    1.1 Subpart of first part
    1.2 Some other section
        1.2.1 Dive into this topic
        1.2.2 And stay at this level
    1.3 Limits and other things
    1.4 Applications in Science
2. Second part

Note: Actually you dont even need this template. To generate the TOC without the template, you may simply enable Markdown-Extra and wrap the above Markdown in a

<div class="toc-page" markdown="1">


Do you need to write math? With GRAV you can combine Markdown and LaTeX with ease.

\[ e^{i\pi} +1 = 0 \]

To write LaTeX formulas like above you should install the MathJax Plugin.